Quality labels

Quality and safety 

Paris-Caramels places particular attention on the quality of its products and food safety.

For your health and ease of mind, our products meet exacting standards. This is demonstrated by our quality labels and certifications, as well as the recognised quality of our carefully made confectioneries.

Xavier and Christine Conraux

Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed)

OFG Logo

This quality label provides a guarantee of food safety while promoting and supporting local producers.

It includes three criteria to be met:

  • The main ingredient, in terms of weight, in the recipe (whatever its weight) must be of French origin;
  • Any ingredient representing more than 30% of the weight of the recipe must be of French origin;
  • The ingredient(s) that appear in the sales denomination and trade name must be French.

The raw materials used to make our products are French (with the exception of certain dried fruits and cocoa, which are not produced in France and which we commit to select with care).

ISO 22000 - ISO 22002 total food safety

Bureau Veritas Certification

ISO 22000 - ISO 22002 total food safety and therefore guarantees total traceability of its confectioneries, from the production of raw materials used right up to delivery to your store.

Christine Conraux, who worked as a micro-biologist for 20 years, has made quality and traceability a prime concern in order to ensure an extremely high level of hygiene and safety: all of our products are controlled and analysed in-house, as well as by external laboratories. Weekly bacteriological tests are performed on our machines, utensils and even the hands of our chocolatiers and confectioners.

Commitment to the environment

With an awareness of ecological and environmental issues, Paris-Caramels has introduced energy-saving and waste processing schemes:

  •  Our workshops are heated with heat pumps
  •  Hot water for the workshops is heated with solar energy
  •  All of our waste is sorted
  •  All of our vehicles are hybrid
  •  Our bags are biodegradable
  •  Products are wedged in our parcels using Eco-Foam made with 100% biodegradable maize starch. This loose-fill can be reused, composted, and is water-soluble
  •  Our premises are lit with LED tubes
  •  Our domestic water supply is heated with thermodynamic tanks

Natural confectionery

fruit pastes

Paris-Caramels makes confectioneries of impeccable quality: our family business is committed to offering craft-inspired confectionery made in the most natural way possible.

  • Our caramels contain no colourings or additives and undergo no freezing.
  • Our chocolate sweets contain no artificial flavourings, flavour enhancers or glutamate and undergo no freezing.