Fruit pastes - fruits of the imagination

Fruits selected for their quality

The fruit pastes made by Paris-Caramels use only fresh fruit* sourced from selected local producers. They are then sorted, peeled by hand and cooked in our workshops.

* except for pear and passion fruit

Fruit paste

Natural recipes

Paris-Caramels puts all of its experience and know-how into the taste of its products, creating natural fruit pastes containing no artificial colourings or flavourings.

To be enjoyed at any time of day, for a snack or treat, their natural flavours are a delight for the taste buds.

Some of our fruit pastes contain up to 94% fruit*.

* average percentage of fruit content expressed according to the French code of practice for fruit paste

Originality and creations

Paris-Caramels innovates and invents original recipes to create an unrivalled taste experience.

Xavier Conraux revisits classic fruit pastes with original blends of flavours that will intrigue even the most seasoned of palates. 

Our range of fruit pastes

Fruits of the Orchard

This delicious traditional recipe offers the very essence of fruit under a thin veil of sugar.

  • Drôme apricot
  • Burgundy blackcurrant
  • Normandy raspberry
  • Réunion Island lychee Corsican pink grapefruit
  • Drôme vineyard peach
Fruits of the Orchard



These natural fruit pastes offer original taste combinations and a surprisingly pleasant new texture with the addition of candied fruits.

A blend of flavours made naturally with quality ingredients: delicious moments to be enjoyed with tea or as an afternoon snack.

  • Corsican lemon, candied lemon fingers with a mint fragrance
  • Lorraine mirabelle plum, with honey and candied orange chips)
  • Blueberry, candied blueberry, with a rich note of Bourbon vanilla
  • 'Mara des Bois' strawberry, with candied orange peel and fresh cardamom
  • Victoria pineapple from Réunion Island, with coconut and a warm touch of rum


Offer your clients a pleasant surprise with these creative and original fruit pastes: made with vegetables, they can be enjoyed with aperitif drinks, Burgundy white wines, champagne, non-smoked whiskey, aniseed drinks…

Vegetable Aperitif:

  • Picardy red beetroot with notes of coriander
  • Seine-Maritime cucumber with tarragon from the vegetable garden
  • Picardy carrot and Corsican pink grapefruit, with a sensual note of candied ginger
  • Seine-Maritime fennel and candied orange with olives
  • Île de Ré tomato and 'Nyons' candied olive



Our Collections include fruit pastes in various forms, for all tastes and whims:

  • Classic squares, large or small 
  • In sweet wrappers, to take with you for a little snack 
  • With fruit liqueur, for a pleasant surprise 
  • Fruit paste slabs, for pastry chefs to give free rein to their imagination