Family business

Paris-Caramels: a family enterprise

In 1957, confectioners Guy and Josette Conraux opened their boutique in Paris to make and sell quality caramels. They placed the pursuit of excellence and taste at the heart of their business.

The ingredients were selected with great care, favouring very high quality products sourced from local producers.

In 1964, Paris-Caramels began to produce  caramels made with PDO butter from Charentes-Poitou sourcing supplies from small local producers located throughout France, in order to select the most flavoursome ingredients.

The company grew by locating in Beauvais in 1969, after which it began production of fruit pastes once again placing a strong focus on the quality and taste of fruits and ingredients, as well as traditional and natural production methods, with sublime results!

Xavier and Christine Conraux

Xavier Conraux – a chocolatier and confectioner with passion for his trade

In 1976, their son and chocolatier, Xavier, joined the family business: he created a range of chocolates with pure cocoa butter, continuing the pursuit of excellence, both in terms of the ingredients used and the taste and flavours obtained.

With an exacting approach and his family's extensive know-how, Xavier is strongly committed to quality, the cornerstone of Paris Caramels' business. He also brings a touch of creativity and originality with bold recipes that offer new and unique taste experiences!

Christine Conraux – a commitment to quality and the environment

Christine Conraux

In 2000, Christine joined her husband at Paris-Caramels, bringing her high level of expertise in the area of hygiene and food safety. With two decades of experience working as a micro-biologist, she worked to achieving certification for the various stages of production.

Paris Caramels was awarded the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) quality label and received ISO 22000 - ISO TS 22002 certification in 2008, which came as recognition of this family-run company's attention to quality and customer well-being, and its pursuit of perfection.