Chocolate - gourmet imagination


Exceptional ingredients

First and foremost, we use only first-rate ingredients: our chocolates Paris-Caramels are made with superb varieties from Central America and Africa, all carefully selected by Xavier Conraux.

To make the ganache, praline and other fillings, butter, crème fraîche and milk are sourced from farms selected for the high quality of their produce, in keeping with the attention paid by Paris-Caramels to product quality and traceability.


The art of blending

Xavier Conraux blends chocolate varieties with great care, in search of the right taste and balance of flavours.

He then creates classic and creative recipes using a variety of ingredients, such as vanilla, fruit pulp, spices, and alcohols.

Our wide range of chocolates will delight all gourmets: ganache, praline, nougatine and caramel, liqueur, orangettes or marzipan…

Expertise and exacting production

Paris-Caramels uses its extensive experience to make high-quality chocolates, which are fresh (no thawing) and contain no palm oil.

With craft-inspired expertise, the finishes and decorations on our chocolates are made by hand: an attention to detail that goes hand-in-hand with the search for perfection that drives the team at Paris-Caramels.

Our range of chocolates

Our carefully created recipes will delight all palates and provide a superb accompaniment for any occasion. Original blends, subtle textures and carefully crafted decorations: simply choose from our selection of sweet delights…

Ganache chocolates

Our ganache chocolates offer blends of distinctive flavours, with a selection of perfumed teas, sublime liqueurs and characterful spices.

We have more than twenty ganache chocolates:

  • Blood orange tea
  • Mint tea
  • Caganou: caramel ganache
  • Bourbon: vanilla ganache
  • Truffle
  • Whisky ganache (with Lagavulin 16 years)
  • Raspberry polka
  • Petit matin: rum and coffee ganache
  • Palet Or with fine Champagne 1er cru
  • Lemon and ginger
  • Origin ganache
  • Geranium ganache
Ganache chocolates

Praline chocolates

These dark or milk praline chocolates with dried fruit offer a pleasurably contrasted taste sensation.

  • Crousticrocq with caramelised almonds
  • Craquendoule with flaky praline chocolate
  • Zebranoisette with old-fashioned praline chocolate
  • Rochers
  • Valencia with almond praline chocolate
  • Noix-café with almond, hazelnut and walnut praline chocolate
  • Noisette intense
  • Amande intense

Caramel and nougatine chocolates

Chocolates to satisfy the sweetest of teeth: with a caramel or nougatine filling – or both – for the pleasure of indulging your pleasures!

  • Boule d’or: an extraordinary caramel in a shell of nougatine
  • Caganou: a caramel ganache on a nougatine base
  • Vanilla or hazelnut caramel
  • Nougatine
  • Carassel: a creamy salted butter caramel centre
caramels chocolates

Marzipan chocolates


These chocolates combine the flavours and textures of dark or milk chocolate with pistachio marzipan. The result is sweetly sublime and wickedly delicious!

The classics

Opt for these traditional recipes, made with finesse to produce exceptional delicacies.

  • Aiguillettes d'orange (chocolate orange fingers)
  • Duchesse marron
  • Tuile d’or (Gianduja chocolate and slivered almonds)
  • Rockamandes (almond and chocolate)
aiguillettes orange<br />

Liqueur chocolates

Liqueur chocolates

Paris-Caramels has four varieties of liqueur chocolates, with delicious fruit-based spirits or regional liqueurs. A real pleasure for those who like to indulge!

  • Liqueur 'chardons'
  • Liqueur chocolates
  • Griotte (cherry)
  • Cognac 'pomme de pin' (pine cone)

Chocolate bites

The chocolate bites dreamt up by Paris-Caramels are full of imagination and subtle flavours. Dark, white or milk chocolates are garnished with marzipan, nougat, almonds or gorgeous ganache…

Chocolate bites

Easter special

Year after year, when Easter comes, people indulge their cravings for white, dark or milk chocolate in all shapes and sizes, with or without fillings…

Easter egg hunts in the garden and chocolate gifts are essential parts of the tradition for chocolate lovers.

Paris-Caramels has created a wide range of gourmet chocolate treats for you to discover.


Gift boxes

P'tites souris

Our elegant and stylish gift boxes contain a selection of creative chocolates: beneath a fine layer of chocolate, discover quality ingredients that will surprise and seduce:

  • Carassels (creamy salted butter caramel centre)
  • Carachocs (chocolate and caramel)
  • Orangettes (orange chocolate fingers)
  • P’tites souris caramels (caramel chocolate mice)
  • Chocofruits (chocolate with fruit and vegetable paste)