Imaginative caramels

Exceptional caramels

At Paris-Caramels, the quality of ingredients comes before all else. Ingredients are selected with care and attention to create a delectable result: PDO butter from Charentes-Poitou, milk, crème fraîche and French cane sugar.

With the utmost respect for tradition, Paris-Caramels uses no food colourings or preservatives. Perfect control over our craft-inspired production process helps bring out the distinctive flavours of the various caramels.


Recognised and unique know-how

Since it was established in 1957, Paris-Caramels has been driven by the pursuit of excellence: thanks to its experience and know-how, this family business now offers the widest range of caramels in Europe, with nearly 40 different caramel recipes, all made with quality ingredients.

The caramels are slowly cooked at low temperatures in our workshops. This technique ensures their softness, smoothness and exceptional flavours.

Paris-Caramels also makes caramels with inscriptions and decorations on top: a method mastered only by this confectioner, to produce a unique result!

Bold recipes

Xavier Conraux dreams up original, gourmet recipes, skilfully blending textures and tastes to tantalise the taste buds. Caramels are combined with ingredients such as gingerbread, apple crumble, hazelnut, figs, strawberries and nougat-pistachio, creating bold and surprising flavours.

Our range of caramels

Sweet and salty

Paris-Caramels revisits this major confectionery classic: traditional PDO butter caramel is mixed with salts of various origins and exceptional Fleur de Sel, with a dash of regional fruity flavours.

  • Sea salt and Normandy Pommeau
  • Guérande Salt
  • Mirabelle Plum and Lorraine Salt
  • Camargue Fleur de Sel and Muscat
  • Fleur de Sel and Pineau des Charentes
  • Plain Fleur de Sel
Sweet-Salted Caramel



Bring back tastes and memories of childhood: the smoothness of butter, sugar and crème fraîche combined with delicious flavours make these caramels all-time classics.

  • Raw milk and crème fraîche, vanilla, mocha, cocoa, honey and chestnut caramels
  • 9% Beurre de Baratte (PDO Charentes-Poitou), vanilla, coffee, chocolate and plain caramels


These original and delicious caramel recipes blend various flavours and textures: dried fruits and traditional Christmas sweets, red and black fruits for a touch of tartness, and traditional desserts combined with the fine caramel.

  • Fruits: strawberry, hazelnut, walnut, apple crumble, chocolate orange
  • Fruits from the South of France: hazelnut, fig, 'calisson', strawberry, nougat-pistachio
  • Warm flavours from the East of France: gingerbread, Marc de Gewurztraminer, bergamot, mirabelle plum and Lorraine salt
  • Dried fruits: 'mendiant', vanilla 'écureuil' (squirrel) with whole hazelnuts, seven traditional Christmas sweets

Flowery Caramel and Seeds

Flowery Caramel and Seeds

These confectioneries combine the sweetness of caramel and fragrance of flowers: the tenderness of rose, the sensuality of violet and orange blossom, the buckwheat and beer.